Mario Martinez-Jimenez, Health Economics, Lancaster University (HEAL) has been selected to present findings from his doctoral research at the Public Health Research and Science Conference on 26 May 2021.  His research examines the effects of retirement on chronic health conditions and mental ill-health, and whether the health effects of retirement may vary following the Great Recession.  Findings reveal that retirement leads to a deterioration in both mental and physical health, however there seems to be considerable effect heterogeneity by gender and occupational status. The research also suggests that retiring immediately after the Great Recession appears to improve mental and physical health, although only among individuals working in the most affected regions. Overall, the authors conclude that the health effects of retirement may be influenced by the presence of economic shocks. Detail of the conference programme is available here


The research is funded by the NIHR School of Public Health Research (SPHR), Liverpool and Lancaster Collaboration for Public Health Research (LiLaC)

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